Clusters: By Litke LLC

Clusters: By Litke LLC VW MK3,MK4,B5,B5.5 and Audi B5,C5,8N instrument cluster sales, coding services, repair, and mods. Offer wiring harnesses and misc electronic components.

Overall Update and Vacation till 5/20Hey everyone. Quick update. I will be out of the country on vacation starting 5/12 ...

Overall Update and Vacation till 5/20

Hey everyone. Quick update. I will be out of the country on vacation starting 5/12 until 5/19. I will be checking messages when possible though, but responses time will be slower than normal. Additionally, any orders placed in the shop starting today will not ship until 5/21. Tracking info will still be provided within 48 hours after order was placed though.

W8 Consoles are painted and coming back!!! Yup, finally. For those who were part of the black W8 console and OnStar panel batch, these are getting shipped back to the states on Monday. Once they arrive, I will reassemble them and start distribution of them. No dates for the next round but already have people expressing interest.

ColorMFA Fall Batch Home Stretch! The past 3 weeks have been crazy with installs and DIY kit distributions. Trying to get these in/out as fast as possible since I know you’ve all been waiting a long time for them. In the last 3 weeks alone there were 23 ColorMFA installs here on top of the normal cluster repairs, mods, and the normal day job. When I get back, it’s the home stretch for the last of the batch especially the Audi C5/B6 guys.

Next ColorMFA batch……. Probably will open it in a month. So there's that answer for the inevitable question in the comments.

Huge thanks to Jamie Orr for giving a shout out in June’s Performance VW that features his Citi Golf and the modded cluster. Even just getting mentioned in PVW has always been a “life goal” ever since getting into the VW scene so mission accomplished!

Pleasure meeting everyone at Wookies and congrats to Edwin on winning the cluster (which came back home with us that weekend so it could have a white color swap done and looks even better now). That was a hugely successful raffle item so thanks to everyone who threw money in the pot trying to win it and in turn raising a boat load of money for a good cause.



Jamie Orr gave us a nice shout out and a cool history of the Citi Golf Project. For those who don't know the backstory, Jamie bought a 3.6L VR6 from AutoHaas in NJ, shipped it over to South Africa, bought a Citi Golf there and swapped the drive line in 5 days. The Citi Golf is a weird hybrid of old MK1 parts but newer electronics and uses a Skoda Fabia gauge cluster which needed some tweaks to work in this particular application which is where we came in.....

Additional note, these Skoda clusters use the same 4 green LED's for the fuel/coolant needles and faces. There is no light divider like most VAG clusters between the needle LEDs and scale LEDs however the unpopulated pads for resistors and LEDs are on the board so those were added and light divider was added so the blue needles don't wash out the white scales or vice versa. The original cluster that had the speedo circuits blown up during the 5 South Afrida swap is still here and has since been repaired and is ready for Citi Golf cluster V2. What that will be...... we shall see.

ColorMFA Order Update/Planned Vacation Time/Upcoming OfferingsHey everyone!!! Quick little update on what’s going on, ...

ColorMFA Order Update/Planned Vacation Time/Upcoming Offerings

Hey everyone!!! Quick little update on what’s going on, what we’ve been working on for additional services, and when we will be out of town for vacation.

Firstly, Fall ColorMFA update. The first half of that batch is almost wrapped up in terms of DIY kit distributions or installs by us. Few more installs to go during the next couple weeks (those who are on that part of the list have already been contacted) while waiting for the rest of that batch to be shipped over. Also for those who have ColorMFA currently and haven’t do so already, B28 firmware update is posted below and contains some new features and customization options. The next round of ColorMFA orders will NOT OPEN until later in the spring after a large portion of the second half of the fall batch is distributed or installed.

Second, Wookies in the Woods is April 11-14th! We’re pleased to announce that we’re a sponsor for that fantastic event again this year and thanks to help from our friend Bryan Port at One Love Auto Group LLC for donating a donor cluster, we will have a MK4 R32 cluster with ColorMFA already installed in the charity raffle this year. Additionally, unlike last year, we will actually be at the event this year!!!!! So if you’re attending and want some coding mods done or just want a VCDS scan, we’ll be able to do that during the weekend (donations for any coding services being made to collections from the raffle would be appreciated to help bump up that overall amount donated by WiTW).

However, since we will be at Wookies this year and it’s in a location with limited cell phone access and WiFi, we may be off the grid most for most of April 11th through 14th and will respond to messages if possible but if you don’t hear from us during that weekend, we will get to the messages ASAP after returning.

Also, we will be out of the country from May 12th to the 19th. Again, may be able to access messages but replies are not guaranteed during this time and obviously, there will be no work done during this week so no installs, mods, or repairs will be scheduled for this time.

Now back to cluster modding…. We’ve been in talks with a company here in the US to hopefully get the ball rolling on fully custom faces for MK4/B5/B5.5 clusters then branching out into Audis. While we still recommend Xtuners for OEM style faces which are high quality, this US based company which already makes gorgeous faces for Asian cars would allow for literally any design you could image but there’s still a ways to go before this will be available. We’ve also finished up our MK5/MK6/B6/NMS bench harness to allow for backlighting and VCDS access for output testing for those clusters so LED color and needle swaps will be offered for these clusters soon as well. ColorMFA will still not work for these but a number of people have approached us for even just turning their stock indigo and red cluster into a white/blue setup like the R clusters.

Lastly, thanks to everyone!!!! Be it a past or current customer, someone just showing support, and especially those who wait patiently for ColorMFA (yes we know the wait sucks). Never did get a chance to say thanks for making 2018 a good year so will take the time now to say I genuinely appreciate all of you! Getting home from the day job only to go work on clusters and other parts till the middle of the night and spending weekends working isn’t exactly stress free and is exhausting but seeing the finished product each time and hearing the feedback from people when they get their cluster or part is worth it in the end! Hopefully the rest of 2019 will be even better with additional service offerings and working out more of the kinks in running a small business. Website…… still trying to get something going to help out those who aren’t FaceBookers (though I can be reached via email still) but lack of free time keeps causing this and no actual logo design to be put on the back burner. Customers are the priority over trying to create a fancy page or website.

In conclusion, thanks again to everyone, working as fast as we can on all these clusters so thanks for sitting tight, hope to see some of you at Wookies (bring cash for the raffle), and get those cars out of storage because spring is here (sorta)!!!


Firmware update B28 and LogoLoader v1.3 is now live.Changes:Changed: optimizing startup logo and animationFixed: gauges ...
ColorMFA Firmware - Google Drive

Firmware update B28 and LogoLoader v1.3 is now live.

Changed: optimizing startup logo and animation
Fixed: gauges images
Changed: displaying lamp error mode (Sharan)
Changed: speed up backlight at startup while logo/animation show
Fixed: compression error
Changed: displayed list of ECUs for diagnostics (Audi А3)
Fixed: some small bugs
Added: show image/animation/trip data at poweroff (aka “goodbye” mode)
Added: check rear left sliding door (Т4)
Added: Slovak translation
Added: Portuguese translation

Firmware update B27 is now live in addition to the new LogoLoader V1.2 to enable adding multiple custom boot screens and...
ColorMFA Firmware - Google Drive

Firmware update B27 is now live in addition to the new LogoLoader V1.2 to enable adding multiple custom boot screens and animated ones as well (B27 flashed onto unit required)

-fix: audio data shown from Audi CD
-fix: oil level calculation for some engines
-add: uploading 4 static logos and 2 animated logos
-add: Ford Galaxy support (Sharan firmware)
-add: Ford logo (Sharan firmware)
-add: lamps control support (Sharan) - need make additional connection
-change: Sharan car image
-add: Lithuanian translation

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season. And thank you to everyone for t...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season. And thank you to everyone for the business and support throughout this past year.

ColorMFA Firmware Update!!!!B25 and B26 are now released. This added or fixed the following:B25:-fix: diagnostics (CAN a...
ColorMFA Firmware - Google Drive

ColorMFA Firmware Update!!!!

B25 and B26 are now released. This added or fixed the following:

-fix: diagnostics (CAN and K-line)
-fix: audio/navi works for A3/TT
-change: brigthness control in automatic mode
-fix: service reminder calculation
-add: black background
-add: white theme
-add: manual select boost source - CAN or analog input (Ò5)
-add: French language
-add: Dutch language
-add: Romanian language
-add: calibration of the displayed speed
-add: hot key (long press "Up" on main screen) for quick brightness change (manual brightness mode)
-add: coffee-break warning message
-add: seat-belt warning icon (if supported in car)
-add: "gauges mode" for some values
-add: "graph mode" for some values
-change: oil level calculation (experimental)
-optimize code speed and flash usage size

-fix: show doors in RHD (immo2)
-fix: bug with scroll audio data
-change: Ukrainian translation
-add: "max" point to gauges (reset by long press "reset" button)
-change: oil level calculation

Can download from or our hosted files on Drive which also includes the step by step flashing guide which includes links to files and a free Zip program for those who don't have one.

ColorMFA Fall 2018 Order [Spring 2019 Distribution and Installs] from Clusters: By Litke!!!!More units from the spring 2...

ColorMFA Fall 2018 Order [Spring 2019 Distribution and Installs] from Clusters: By Litke!!!!

More units from the spring 2018 order are here and distribution and installs for the remaining 2/3’s of that batch is already underway so if you were in the batch and haven’t heard from us, you will be shortly.

READ WHOLE POST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS!!!!!! Chances are, what you want to know is already addressed here.

What is it?
A full color LCD screen and CANBus module that can be installed into your current cluster even if it didn't originally have a screen or if it did have a MFA/FIS style screen. Besides the regular trip info and outside temp like MFA/FIS can show ColorMFA will also show coolant temp, oil temp and level (requires OEM style sensor in sump if not already fitted), torque, boost, voltage, show transmission gear even on manual trans, display speed, and which doors are open, all on the home screen.
In addition it can also read/clear codes from all modules, show VCDS measuring blocks, built in dyno, acceleration timer, adjustable speed warning alarm, custom boot screens, and service intervals.

What does it fit?
All CANBus MKIV Golf/Jetta, B5/B5.5 Passat, B5 A4, C5 A6, B6/B7 A4, T4, T5 EuroVan, MK1 TT
Current cluster does NOT need to have a screen already for this to work however if you don’t currently have MFA or FIS you’ll have to add the wiper stalk and outside temp sensor the same way you’d need to add it if doing a MFA or FIS upgrade (I sell the stalks and make custom harnesses if you need one). For MKIV’s only 99.5 was none CANBus and for B5/C5 only pre 2000 were none CANBus. You can tell if the cluster part number is ###9191###. You need to have a cluster part number ###920### for this to work. Will NOT FIT MK5+ Golf/Jettas or B6+ Passats.

How much?
$240 due UP FRONT to reserve your spot in the order. If outside the United States add $10 for PayPal exchange rate fees so international customers the deposit is $250. This price covers the screen/module, PayPal fees, import tax/duties into the US and shipping. Install by us is extra. I will not accept “I want one” or “add me to the list” as a legit commitment unless payment is received. No payment, no reservation. If for ANY reason you placed an order and need to back out (sold car, changed your mind, not interested anymore, etc) we will gladly refund you immediately. We understand a lot of things can change in a person's car ownership during the wait time so refunds are no issue at all.

Payment must be received by November 1st if you want in this round!!!!!

Message us or send an email to [email protected] to confirm PayPal info or alternative payment method. We do not publicly post PayPal address so there is a message “papertrail” so that payments are not popping up at random from people we have not spoken directly with yet.

When will they arrive?
There is roughly a 5-6-month lead time once the order is submitted. They may arrive sooner but given the massive delay on the spring batch, I wouldn’t hold my breath and delays may happen again due to increased demand now that these continue to become more popular all around the world.

Once they arrive, then what?
The order will be shipped from Russia to By Litke in Ohio. If you want to install it yourself, I can mail it to you once they arrive and can be repackaged. We have DIYs covering MK4/B5/B5.5 VW, B5/8L Audi, C5 Audi, B6/B7 Audi, and MK1 TT at the moment. Good soldering skills and basic electronics knowledge is required and depending on what year/model it's being fitted, EEPROM mods are also needed on some MK4's. Note, if the unit is damaged by a mistake during DIY installs, we will not cover it. Install at your own risk. All units are tested fully before shipping DIY kits and most failures are pretty easy to spot when it was the installer being too aggressive or careless around delicate electronics.

If you want us to install it for you, it's $250 for install into YOUR CURRENT CLUSTER provide. So ColorMFA (reservation payment)+Install by us = $490 TOTAL or $500 total for those outside of the US. Please note: MK1 TT installs are $25 extra due to them being more time consuming.

This price includes return shipping within the US as well as any coding tweaks you may want (depends on year/model) such as lit needles, accurate coolant gauge needle, needle sweep at startup, and a few others. Install takes 2-3 days. This install cost does NOT include any other physical mods or a donor cluster or cloning service. So if you need another donor cluster, want different color LEDs, needles, faces, etc, those prices are listed on the pinned post of the page and would in additional to the ColorMFA install cost.

Contact us for price estimates and inform us what cluster you currently have when inquiring.
Price list:

Any other questions feel free to ask but please don't ask questions that are already answered in this post.

Humble Mechanic

Huge thanks to Charles for the awesome video showing off one of our ColorMFA installs.

For those interested.....
All ColorMFA details are in the link below. If within the US it’s $240 for the unit (extra $10 if outside US due to PayPal exchange rates) and an additional $250 if we install it into your current cluster. Next order will open around August so dates will change from the list below. All other info will not. Wait is long but well worth it.

Spring ColorMFA Order Update!!!Hey everyone. Have some exciting news and some disappointing news. Good news is installs ...

Spring ColorMFA Order Update!!!

Hey everyone. Have some exciting news and some disappointing news. Good news is installs and DIY kit distribution will begin starting next week. Bad news is that only applies to the first 30 units of the 85 unit spring order and the remaining 55 are delayed. This is due to the size of our North American order being such a large percentage of the board spin usually done by AutoPilot for us and rest of world customers, thus they are doing an additional board spin solely for us to make up the remaining units in the order.

“So what does that mean for my unit?”
If you paid for your unit ON or BEFORE February 21st, you’re good and your unit will be here and ready for distribution within the next week or if we are doing the install for you, will be going down the list in order of when payment was received and work out an install time window that works best for that person.
If you paid AFTER February 21st then sadly your unit is delayed, tentatively until end of July. If you would like to cancel the order and receive full refund, please just send us a message and we will refund you immediately, no questions asked. If you would like to stay in the order but would ALSO like the PayPal buyer protection time extended to help with peace of mind, please message us. We can refund that original transaction, have you resend the payment (thus starting the “clock” over again at 0 days) and you will NOT lose your original space in line. 0

If there are people who drop out of the order, we will go to our stand by list of people who have expressed interest in taking over someone’s unit should there be drop outs. We will go down that list in the order in which they contacted us. First come first serve so messaging us now saying you’ll take over someone’s unit should there be a spot available will not bump you to the front of that stand by list of people who have messaged us months ago. Additionally, for those who want to get in the next batch, this means the next order will be pushed back, date TBD at this time as it will depend on when the remaining 55 units is complete.

We sincerely apologize to those effected by the delay. This is sadly one of those things that isn’t within our direct control since we do not own the rights to the PCB design or have the Gerber files for them otherwise we could do our own board spins from a supplier within North America. For the next round, we still try to have a board spin just for us from the start to help alleviate delays.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support. As I and others have said, the wait is the worst part, but those who have ColorMFA will attest, it’s worth it.


Akron, OH


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