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Real Trucks Of Ohio For the trucks used day in day out for work, mudding, tow pigs, and trucks mid build. Not for show trucks


Okay, so there’s still quite a few things and events in the works for this year. But for right now I will let you in a little preview. The group is going to branch out this year. The beginning of april will mark the first Real Trucks of Ohio meet. Date is still to be determined. But it’s not your average meet. This isn’t going to be a show style meet or the style of meets currently being held in the area. This will be more of a hangout than a meet for members of the group.


Ok, I have kinda backed off the page making the Instagram my main focus. Had a little issues with some jeep pages because I posted jeeps with my stickers on them and they didn’t like that they said “trucks”. So I made a realjeepsofohio page also. But gaining more members and gaining more ground, I want to get back to Facebook also to keep in better touch with members and get discussions going. Build this scene of truck and jeep enthusiasts in Ohio that don’t have or don’t care about show trucks, but share the same passion without being trash talked at the meets. There are a couple things I am working on for next year, some hopeful collaborations, and maybe even some laid back have a beer and food style meets in the future. I’m in no shape or form trying to do truck meets with this, at least not right now. But i will keep the page posted on any updates and info as it comes together. In the meantime, i do have stickers back in stock and can ship them.


Anyone available in the Akron/Coventry area?

Flash meet around 5 anyone? Acme's back lot off of robinson road in akron. 3273 Manchester Rd., Akron, OH that's the address to the McDonald's that shares the parking lot with where we meet


Ok, so probably not a good idea for me to show up today, even tho I really want to take pictures of my members rigs out there. So for anyone that is there, if you know someone in the group, take some good pictures and send them to Kevin Richards. Thank you!


Alright, so been a while since the fb page has been used. Mostly on insta, but I'm gonna try to get this going from time to time. Gonna start off by wishing member Nic Posey a very happy birthday!


Shawn Kindler Is the winner of the
Instagram photo contest.


Ok so we got a little behind on being productive for a minute. Personal lives and some issues with vehicles kinda put a halt on being active with this. But i am going back through all the messages and comments about wanting stickers as we speak. And should be able to get to them this week if I get everything squared away. Just to double check with people. Please comment on this post if you had asked for a sticker and have not received it yet, or if you are new and want one comment so I know how many to get and who to contact when I get them.

- Kevin


sorry we have been slacking a little the last couple weeks. We took some time for the holidays and have been a little busy since. we know there are some people that we need to get stickers to, we haven't forgot. we will be setting that up here soon. we appreciate you're patience with us, and will get back to posting daily. and if you haven't already, please go follow the official Instagram page @realtrucksofohio


Fair warning now. Do not block admins or moderators. We will find out who, and you will be banned.


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Akron, OH


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