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OneLife Fitness Coaching was established in 2007. I am certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) and with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) as a certified Adult Distance Running Coach. I hold the ACE Specialty Certification in Senior Fitness and specialize in serving adults over 55 by incorporating modifications and training that prevents muscle deterioration, improves bone strength and boosts quality of life. OneLife Fitness Coaching seeks to reach out to those who do not have a fitness routine as the means to a goal of having a happier, healthier life.

OneLife Fitness Coaching is a small company that provides knowledge, guidance and support to clients who need more hands-on attention and support as they achieve personal fitness goals. As Kathrine Switzer says, "Running is Magic". Let our coaches believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Mission: To help people realize their potential for health, joy and confidence through fitness and running.

How Exercise Affects Our Memory
How Exercise Affects Our Memory

How Exercise Affects Our Memory

Even a single workout may make our brain’s memory centers, like our muscles, more fit.

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong
Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

For decades, the medical community has ignored mountains of evidence to wage a cruel and futile war on fat people, poisoning public perception and ruining millions of lives. It's time for a new paradigm.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Women and Wisdom - October 16, 2018 at Western Reserve Hospital
Women and Wisdom - October 16, 2018 at Western Reserve Hospital

Women and Wisdom - October 16, 2018 at Western Reserve Hospital

PLEASE JOIN US QUARTERLY. ALL ARE WELCOME! Speakers | Networking |Professional Development Open to all area (regional) Chamber Members. FREE to all women business leaders (men are welcome to attend). RSVP Required. Cash/Credit Card Bar/Food 21 years and older only SPONSORED BY: - Toni Fry SPEAKER SC...

Just finished this book - a lot of interesting information, much of which contradicts "Government endorced" recommendati...

Just finished this book - a lot of interesting information, much of which contradicts "Government endorced" recommendations. It's maddening to try to reconcile facts to make decisions, so I'm going to say what I always do: "Be skeptical, give it a trial for a few weeks to a month, and if it works FOR YOUR BODY and you can/will SUSTAIN it, then go for it."

Fast, easy, free:
Choose MyPlate

Fast, easy, free: provides practical information to individuals, health professionals, nutrition educators, and the food industry to help consumers build healthier diets with resources and tools for dietary assessment, nutrition education, and other user-friendly nutrition information.

The last completely acceptable form of discrimination is alive and well and Trump had nothing to do with it...

The last completely acceptable form of discrimination is alive and well and Trump had nothing to do with it...

To all the beautiful souls out there, this message is from my heart to yours…pull up a chair, take a deep breath but please do dive into this one...It's important.

In the image on the left, you’ll see a message I received this week when grabbing my iPhone for a quick check on my email. And after feeling so blessed to have had another year as a presenter at the AAAI/ISMA One World Conference…ah well…

I blocked the person’s name for a reason. It’s because I’m not posting this message for the purpose of blasting her (yes, her – a fellow woman felt the need to send me this) or lashing out in some way nor am I asking you to do so. While the perspective of the person who sent me this note is very different from mine, “hating back” will get us nowhere.

Instead, the purpose of this message is to say YES, this is me(see image on the right). I am imperfect and I am beautiful. This body has survived and carried me through a lot. It survived the trauma of over 15 years of anorexia and bulimia. It survived severe pneumonia at age 19 which led to life-long daily management of asthma ever since.

This body even built a very special human who calls me Mommy and thinks I’m pretty cool. It survived the open-abdominal surgery when it turned out I had to have a c-section, the additional wound care required when the incision came open 9 days after AND the additional surgery 5 months later when they had to cut out part of my cervix due to cancer.

This body has served me well. It has had the strength to support my crazy passion for jumping up and down for a living for over 25 years (maybe I don’t teach high impact classes 15x a week anymore, but I can still burpee when I need to :)). I have presented at 100s of conferences across the US and far beyond for over 15 yrs. I’ve led over 30 well reviewed consumer workout videos. And guess what – even at the height of my teaching/presenting/video career, this body was so far from “perfect”. It has always had cellulite and moles and stretch marks. And I used to judge myself severely for this.

Something not many know - I almost stopped presenting at conferences after my very first year because, when I looked around, I just didn’t look like the other “ripped, toned, muscular” presenters. I looked like me…ugh. And although I was striving to be the best possible version of me so I could help others unveil the best version of themselves, this physical vessel has never been “magazine cover ready” based on our culture’s standards.

But when I really think about it, I’ve actually never wanted to be “ripped”(unless I’m hanging out with my friends, Terry & Tina, of course) or “shredded”. These soft curves I used to judge and even hate? Well, I’ve actually come to love them…a lot. And beyond that, I realized the best version of me was something I brought to the world from the inside out. And the best version of YOU is something you bring from the inside out, too.

No disrespect to those out their striving to change their bodies – I honor you; but, make no mistake - the world does not need your belly or hips to shrink nor does it need your muscles to expand. The world just needs you to let your light shine. Yes, this does require being healthy…but it’s an inside job more than an outside job; so, how about we at least start there…by loving and accepting ourselves 100%, unapologetically?

I always thought it was interesting that a girl like me, who had such severe lack of self-esteem and body issues as a pre-teen and beyond, was drawn to an industry that puts so much weight (pun intended) on physical appearance. But I continued to show up, do my best and be a good role model with what I knew.

Then I realized I needed to know more…about myself and how I can best make a positive impact on the world around me. So, for over 10 years now, in addition to fitness, wellness and yoga, I’ve studied positive psychology, personal development, happiness research, various wisdom traditions, brain science and spirituality.

It's been an incredible jpurney on which I've discovered so many nuggets of "practical woo woo" to simplify and apply for myself and others. It has led me down the path of finding unshakable self-worth.

You see, 15 years ago (even 10), this email would have not only knocked me down, it would have crippled me.

But not now. I know who I am and how amaizng I am. And I write this post and do what I do for a living because I want you to know it for yourself as well!

We are all in this together and, arm in arm with all of YOU, have an opportunity to CHANGE our culture in the way it needs to change. We need to realize and appreciate that we are not just our physical bodies; that we are whole beings

Leaders, Teachers & Coaches - If we’re really going to make a difference in this world, we must understand how necessary it is to show up fully and authentically, without judgment, so we can meet people where they are and support them on all levels – physical, mental, emotional…and yes, even spiritual. We need to accept them 100% for who they are, from the inside out…and it starts with accepting and caring for ourselves in the same way.

Because pushups and squats can make your body stronger but they can’t heal your heart or suddenly make you feel worthy in the way you should feel…the way you honestly should have felt your entire life.

Let’s be willing to move through the fear of being judged and choose to be vulnerable enough to show up in this way…for ourselves, for our clients and students, for our family and friends, for all those we may positively impact with our courage.

From one of my favorite Marianne Williamson books, A Return to Love: “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

If you’re with me on this, please share this post AND/or share an authentic selfie of you in the comments. No need to wear makeup or find the perfect angle or flex or “suck it in”, etc. Just share the REAL you, declaring your REAL beauty.

Enough of the judgment, the criticism, the doubt, the comparison, the pettiness. Let’s send a message to the world that we are imperfect yet we are beautiful…and we are madly in love with ourselves…100% of ourselves. Let’s be the example that gives others permission to love themselves, too.

I LOVE all you beautiful, wonderful, spectacular, gorgeous beings out there!

Time to choose love.


Professionals in the health and fitness industry need to improve their assumptions about people based on their weight. The words we choose matter and as in dealing with everyone, "PEOPLE FIRST" language is the standard:

"Diet is Batman, and exercise is Robin." - Jason Fung

"Diet is Batman, and exercise is Robin." - Jason Fung

When people throw around the term "badass" it annoys me to no end...THIS is the definition of Badass!

When people throw around the term "badass" it annoys me to no end...THIS is the definition of Badass!

A Mighty Girl 2017 Highlight: 22-year-old María Lorena Ramírez from Mexico's Tarahumara indigenous community won this year's Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo Ultramarathon -- wearing sandals made from tire rubber! The Tarahumara word for themselves, Rarámuri, means "runners on foot" and the community is famous for its running ability. Ramírez defeated 500 other runners from 12 countries to win the women's 50k race in seven hours and three minutes despite having no professional training or gear. Race organizer Orlando Jiménez said, “She didn’t bring any gel, nor energy sweets, walking stick, glasses or those very expensive running shoes that everyone wears to run in the mountains. Just a bottle of water, her hat and a kerchief.”

While never having trained for an ultramarathon, Ramírez leads a very active lifestyle; walking 6 to 9 miles daily for her job tending goats and cattle. Her win earned her an award of 6,000 pesos ($320), and she plans to run again in the future and show others what's possible even with just the basics. As a Puebla community website stated after her victory: Ramírez ran "without a hydration vest, without running shoes, without Lycra and compression socks, without any of those gadgets used by the runners of today" -- and achieved the impossible!

For a fascinating book about the Tarahumara and running, check out “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” at

For an excellent book about 22 pioneering women runners, we highly recommend “First Ladies of Running: 22 Inspiring Profiles of the Rebels, Rule Breakers, and Visionaries Who Changed the Sport Forever,” at

For several Mighty Girl stories that celebrate the joy of running, we recommend "The Quickest Kid in Clarksville" for ages 4 to 8 ( and “The Running Dream” for ages 12 and up (

And, for a fantastic t-shirt that speaks to the fact that strength has nothing to do with gender, check out the “I'm not strong for a girl. I'm just strong.” t-shirt for both kids and adults at

No bad weather, just bad clothes, right?

No bad weather, just bad clothes, right?

Are you running the Steam Whistle 12K at the Longleaf Trace on Monday? Remember it will be the coldest temperature ever for this race, so stay warm and safe in such weather. Here is a simple clothing guide chart for runners/walkers to face such conditions.


As a new year looms, I like many of my friends are (once again) thinking about making goals that result in weight loss...Do YOU make habit-changing resolutions?

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

The real work is to live in your skin as you are right this minute.  This is a daily struggle for me - most of the time ...
This American Life

The real work is to live in your skin as you are right this minute. This is a daily struggle for me - most of the time I can barely breath in the skin I'm in, and I certainly don't want anyone else involved. This is shame, plain and simple. Shame, like mold thrives in darkness. Be brave.

"It's fairly likely that I'm going to be fat forever. So why am I putting off figuring out how to live with that?"


"I have a three-word directive for coming off a binge: Be unspeakably kind. In the empty fullness left after bingeing, the "I can't believe you did this again, what's the matter with you, you are a failure now and forevermore" voices sense a place to step in. And when they do, they roar.

Don't let them. If they threaten to overtake you, imagine them, as a therapist friend of mine says, as teeny screeching mice the size of your thumbnail. Imagine putting them in a jar and covering it with a very strong lid. Since their squawking can't hurt you now, treat yourself as if you were doing your very best. Live as if you deserve to be here, regardless of what you have just eaten. And know that every time you remind yourself that you belong here, regardless of what you weigh, you are speaking the truth." - Geneen Roth


"There's something built into the nature of cooking that will take care of your health." -Michael Pollan #consciouseating

There's A War On Sugar. Is It Justified? - Freakonomics
There's A War On Sugar. Is It Justified? - Freakonomics

There's A War On Sugar. Is It Justified? - Freakonomics

Some people argue that sugar should be regulated, like alcohol and tobacco, on the grounds that it’s addictive and toxic. How much sense does that make? We hear from a regulatory advocate, an evidence-based skeptic, a former FDA commissioner — and the organizers of Milktoberfest.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

What a great day...ironic that today my sister is doing a 20mile trng run!

What a great day...ironic that today my sister is doing a 20mile trng run!

OneLife Coaching provides local training as well as distance training. You will be in touch with your coach via regular check-ins through the use of video chat, email, Facebook and the phone. You will NOT feel like you are training alone. Here is "Team OneLife" with a client in Michigan as she runs her first half-marathon.

Natural Health Massage Therapy

Exciting news!!! My office is moving to a beautiful, quiet (very convenient to I77) professional building near the Giant Eagle in Green (Market District). The address is: 3570 Executive Drive suite 103 and I will be there beginning April 5th. All unused gift certificates are, of course, welcomed at the new location; and so are all of you!!! Have a wonderful day, I hope to see you all soon!


Akron, OH


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