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New 7” is in the works. That is all, keep calm and scroll on


Another show in northeast Ohio is in the works, details to follow!


Looking for advice. Would people be more interested in buying an ep that is a series of three 7” released over a year? Versus a more traditional 12” ep?


Producer’s: Anyone else have the problem? You feel most creative when your too busy to work on music?

Video clips to drop when I have time of the next NRFTR vinyl. Estimated winter 2019.

No Room for Talent

Looking for small runs, around 20

Anyone know a good place to do embroidered patches?


Anyone know a good place to do embroidered patches?


Save the date, January 20th 2018. The release party for the Ashes of Angels//Black Colossus split cassette will be epic in minor proportions. More details to come.


Three different people in my life told me I hold music to too high of a standard, view it differently then your standard listener and lean too far into the experimental/inaccessible spectrum. Best compliment I've received all year!

That said a release is still in the works that fully encompass this belief. Clips will be forthcoming.


Have a NRFTR hoodie or shirt? Those are the last. Had a basement flood that destroyed a lot of back stock. Very limited copies left(25-50 each) of only color versions of each release. A new tape and maybe a corresponding bandcamp page will eventually be up. Maybe, or we will stick to history and do a release and not let anyone know.


One last NRFT release is in the works, more news to follow.


Something may happen


Sorry guys I just took a year hiatus from the label due to personal issues, lack of quality distribution, increased shipping/production costs and just procrastination. There is some interest in starting it up again but not until end of winter the earliest. Thank you for your patience.


Is currently looking for drum and bass artists to release on Abusive Consequences. If you are interested or know of a good artists send an email

[email protected]


Look out for more digital releases and cds since shiopping vinyl just hit about $3 per record. Its that or just never ship to europe and use the boxes on vinyl as furniture.


Finished negotiations on the next nrftr cd, slutmachine - the doombringer. Orignally to be released on zhark but to be a nrftr production. Info clips and art to be uploaded soon.


we're not worthy we're not worthy!!!


Is about to master the next two releases. NRFTR 12.09 Slutmachine - The Unkindness of Ravens FTM 02 Christoph de Babalon


My cat has had a uti and pee'd in a box of completed Generation Rx vol.2 tapes! Hope you guys like bloody urine smell!


Might just might be listening to a killer new EP for next fall. I hear it involves rough unicorn action


Akron, OH


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