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My daughter, Lana Rose Lute-Schlagenhauser, was only 26 years old when she was murdered on December 2, 2010. Lana was shot twice by her estranged husband who then killed himself, leaving behind two lovely daughters without any parents. Thanks to Lana's loving family, their daughters are being well taken care of. Lana trusted her husband to take the little girls places and he picked them up on the weekends. She never thought that he would do something like this, that's why I know she would like me to change the domestic laws in the state of Ohio. I would like to make the stalking and the restraining order laws more stringent than they are now. I do believe that the 'we can't do anything until they do something to you' mode of operation should be changed. If there is a valid complaint, I believe the person doing the harassing should be detained on the spot, especially if there are children or a child involved, and no matter if they are married, separated or in a relationship. If the person or parent who holds custody of said children or child is in total fear of their own life, or the lives of the child or children, he or she should be able to file a complaint with Children's Services. If the person or parent has visitation rights, those visitations should be supervised by Children's Services. If the parent who has custody does not want the person who holds visitation rights to know their address, Children's Services should pickup said children or child, supervise the visit and then stay until it is time to take said child or children home. If you agree, please e-mail our State Representative, Lynn Slaby, of the Criminal Justice Committee of the State of Ohio, or you can get in touch with ANY State Representative of Ohio. Thank you, Tom Moyer


I love and miss u so much Lana! Yesterday was the first bday for Summer without u and Daniel. I remember watching her be born. It doesn't seem like its been 7yrs! She was with other family members yesterday but Wed we r gonna have a blast! Please continue 2 watch over us Sissy.


The domestic violence bill that they want to pass by the end of the year will cost one billion dollars a year. The bill wants a intervention and 30-to120 days. If they don't finish your counciling you will be sent to jail for 6 months to a year. The lana rose Lute law will keep the victims will be safe and the law would be cost effective. I don't support this bill.


Phil trexler is going to write about your story. You are going to remember you for saving lives. Love daddy.


Taking a. Break for awhile. I have some of the laws on this page under discussion press the discussion. I do need your opinion.


check the discussion page


Iam asking for help to get it passed. This law will help the victims instead of the person who causes abuse.


On this holy day remember those who has lost their lives to domestic violence and their families. And remember their families have a extra chair that's empty. And that chair should never been empty in the first place. Bless your family because you never no when.


It's its so great that the support you people have. The voices is. Starting to work so we got to keep the support going. The more support as we can. What we need now is more support. So if you are a victim of domestic violence or know someone who was And the laws did not work for you or them then write it on this page. Lana rose Lute law. This law if passed will save lives.


Need your support on this seems like the Ohio state reps are pushing aside the domestic violence laws in Ohio. The more support we get the better off we are. They are so worried about the budget then the people they are by right to protect. The more voices they hear the more they have to listen.


so some guy killed shot his wife and kids and then himself. saw it in the paper 2day. it really touched me. i wish some1 could hav prevented another tragedy.


Janessa thank you for your story and putting on lana rose Lute law page. If you can get your friends to support this can even have them befriend me.but we need all the support we can get. Thank you. Lana's dad.


My new friends this law will save lives. We need all the support we can get.


Support of upgrading the domestic violence and even change the. Will change lives?.


This is one of the reasons why the lana rose Lute law should be passed. Go to your search engine and read this 2919.25 domestic violence law ln Ohio. If you read it you will understand.


State Rep. Lynn slaby is going to. Call me today I won't hold my breath.


If you or anyone had or has domestic violence and the laws did not protect you. And you can post it on this site and tell your story. And agree with the Lana rose Lute law please place your commit here on this site.


This is Lana's dad. Phil trexler from the Akron beacon journal will not write about the Lana rose Lute law unless we find loopholes ln the laws now.


Iam Lana's father. I would like to say thank you. We need all the support we. Can get. The domestic violence laws in this state of Ohio. If u read it you will understand it.


If you believe in the Lana rose Lute law. Lynn slaby our state representative phone number 614 644 5085.


If you agree with the Lana rose Lute law. Tell Lynn slaby how you feel. Need all of the support we can get. So have your friends be friend me. Tom Moyer.


If you believe in the Lana rose Lute law call state representative Lynn slaby at 614 644 5085.


This is Lana:s dad
Need all the support that you can give. We need to save people going threw this. So let's get Lana rose Lute law passed.


Akron, OH

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I wish to gain support to change the harassment, stalking and restraining order laws in the State of Ohio. If there is a valid complaint one should not have to wait until a physical incident happens for an arrest to be made. If the custodial parent of children is in fear of the other parent, Children Services should become involved for supervised visitation.


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