Joels quality used tires

Joels quality used tires I sell quality used tires. These are bought from dealers that replaces the tires on their leased vehicles so they can sell the vehicle with new tires.


Sorry to say I won't be selling tires for a while. We lost some good suppliers and are putting it on hold for a bit. Thanks to everyone who bought from me.


Sorry to say that I'm not gonna be selling tires anymore. I still have great tires in stock, selling really cheap. Get a hold of me if your in the market


I'm down south right now picking up more tires. If there's a size you need I'm down south right now picking up more tires. If there's a size you need send me a message and let me see if I can find it for you. Always very low prices and great quality tires. I will be back on the 16th of July


Just got back with another load of tires but they're going fast get ahold of me if you need some


Bringing back about 300 tires on Friday so if anybody is looking for a certain size let me know and I can get you some pictures if I have it


The 285 70 17 sold but still have a very nice set of 315 70 17 Cooper Discoverer with excellent tread left


Anybody looking for some 31 by 10.50 by 15? Or how about some 285 70 17? I'm bringing back both sets that are like new


I will be back on Monday April 17th with another load of tigers. If you're looking for a good set of used tires please get ahold of me. Most sizes sell pretty fast so let me know as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for your business


I just want to give people a Insight on used tires. Most places you go to to buy a used tire buy them by the semi load. Most of those tires were taken off the car or truck for a reason. Usually there was something wrong with it. So when they put this tire on your vehicle it probably requires a patch. This is how my tires are different. First of all, you see exactly what you get. Secondly, my tires come off lease vehicles or trade ins and they are aired up when they arrive. Third, my tires go through a air check just in case something is wrong with them. They are inspected very carefully to make sure there are no holes or cuts or a bunch of patches. But also I do guarantee the tire if you have any issues with it bring it back and I will exchange it for free. I will give you the absolute best deal I possibly can. I sure hope to see many of you as customers soon. God bless each and everyone of you.


I'm heading down south right now to pick up more tires. I will be back around the middle of April. Please contact me if there's a size you're looking for.


Most people can't afford to go out and spend $1,000 on a new set of tires. Why not spend less than a quarter of that for a really good used set of name brand tires? Most of these used tires will last longer than some of the off brand new tires. All my tires go through a thorough check before I get them so I know I'm not selling you junk. And I'm not selling old tires, these tires are newer tires that come off leased vehicles. I mean come on, even if you have the money why would you want to spend it on tires? Get ahold of me for a really nice used set of tires


Best part about doing when I do it's getting to meet and talk to people from all over Michigan and Ohio. I enjoyed talking and getting to know people. I have met some really great people and have a lot of returning customers. I guarantee these tires and if you went to get them put on and had an issue I will replace that tire for free. All my tires are checked very thoroughly before I get them so I don't get any complaints. Look forward to meeting more people in the community and getting to know everyone a little better. Please contact me if you're in need of tires and I will give you the best deal I can.


Bringing back some really nice tires and some popular sizes. If you're in the market please give me a call at 517-270-0151


Anybody that's looking for tires I will be back on the 16th of March with several nice used sets and I will be putting pictures up of all the tires on this site.


Just want to say Merry Christmas to all my customers and Friends. Get ahold of me for some good used or new tires. Winter is here in the slipping and sliding is still ahead of us.


Get some good rubber on your vehicles before the snow flies. They are predicting the harsh winter this year.


Just want to thank all my customers and the word of mouth advertising you have given out to the community. My sales have gone way Beyond I ever expected them to each month because of you guys. Thanks again and I am available for all your tire needs pretty much anytime.


I'm really excited about this loaded Tire I'll be bringing back the first of October. There's some great sizes on there that I've been asked a lot for. So if you're in the market for good used tires that are all pressure checked in the cords are tracked, please give me a call at 517-270-0151. Get ahold of me the first of next month if I don't have the size you need now


Just brought back some awesome sets of tires get ahold of me if interested


Just heading back from South Carolina and bringing some very very nice tires with me. If you're in the market for good used tires with really good tread left on them please get ahold of me at 517-270-0151


Just want to thank all my customers. When I first started this I didn't think much would become of it but in the last 8 months that I've done it I have sold over 600 sets of tires. This would not be possible without you guys. I also really want to thank my returning customers. And like I've told all of you before if you ever have issues with my tire I will make it right somehow with you. Thanks again


Should be back to Michigan around the 20th of this month with some nice sets of tires


Just letting everyone know I will be back and available for tire sales on Sunday


In South Carolina this week. Will be back in a week or so. Bringing back more nice tires. I'll post them on here when I get back.


Just letting everyone know that used tires do not have a warranty, butt I do guarantee that these tires are good. If you have any issues with my tires you let me know and I will either replace the tire or give your money back for the tire that is bad. God bless all you and thank you for supporting me in selling these tires.


With my tires, even though they are used, I always guarantee that they are okay. If you get a tire from me that is no good I will either replace the tire or give your money back for the tire.


On my way back with another load of good quality used tires. This time I will have lots of 18 inch some 19 inch and several 17 inch tires for your car or truck


1304 W Maumee St
Adrian, MI


(517) 270-0151


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