Little's Gardens, Farms, & Landscaping

Little's Gardens, Farms, & Landscaping We offer the beginning and maintenance of vegetable and flower beds and gardens, plant production, landscape construction, greenhouses, and lawn care.

We offer the service and maintenance of many types of electrical and hydraulic equipment including generators, tools, solar energy systems, and heavy equipment.


In observance of Earth Day.

Blessed are they beholden to earthen things, for no fool lives within them.
Who see purity in a tree, and not of it's waste and speak unto the flowers as kindred;

Seek not to own, but observe, and not to possess, but experience.
Life is but a v***r, in it, nothing shall you keep, but the rise and fall of your heart.

In this, be mindful of that which endures and has not failure in it.
For the leaf endures and lives again through another, and yet again, but things of fools last but an instant and pass away, refuse.

Breathe, think, believe, hope, for these are truths. Discern between want and need and need less, for less is always attained, more is a destructive path.

Look unto the sky for wisdom, and the grass, for they are timeless where men who speak of time are fools, and infants.

Blessed are they who live in awe, and stricken by the beauty of the path beyond the road, and not the road itself.

RJ Little


Abilene, TX


(325) 338-6488


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