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Good Compost | Come learn more about making compost. Remember, "Don't throw it away, compost it!" | Come learn more about making compost. Remember, "Don't throw it away, compost it!"

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International Compost Awareness Week kicks off May 6th! Time to start composting at home and reduce the amount of organic waste ending up in landfills every year!

Good Compost's cover photo

Good Compost's cover photo


Shredding your leaves before composting is also very helpful. You can use your lawn mower or a yard shredder to break the leaves up. Good luck composting those leaves!


To compost leaves efficiently, make sure you add a nitrogen source. Adding nitrogen can be as simple as adding grass clippings to your leaves. Other sources of nitrogen include manure, dried blood, alfalfa meal, and bone meal. If you are using manure, use 1 part manure to five parts leaves. If you are using a natural source of nitrogen such as dried blood, use two cups per wheelbarrow load of leaves.


Are you convinced that it is impossible to compost leaves? Have you tried to compost leaves and ended up with a total mess? To compost leaves easily, make sure that you add enough "greens" with your "browns." A nitrogen source is important to composting leaves properly.


Did you know that over 2/3 of our garbage is compostable? We can greatly reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills by composting at home. Tell me, do you compost at home?


Ah the weather is starting to warm, and it is soon going to be time to start working in the garden! Don't forget the compost. Composter
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