Cool Runnings Car Rental

Cool Runnings Car Rental We take the hassle out of having a car on St. Kitts. Superior cars, superior service, and superior value. Life is a breeze with Cool Runnings Car Rental.

Vision : To provide an affordable and convenient vehicle rental service as an alternative (solution) to the hassle of vehicle ownership. Mission : To provide friendly professional service and great quality rental cars at affordable rates, saving you time and saving you money.

One Stop Service: Vehicle Inspections & Wheel TaxThis exciting new service at a nominal fee, will save you the time and ...

One Stop Service: Vehicle Inspections & Wheel Tax
This exciting new service at a nominal fee, will save you the time and hassle to do a trip to a roadworthy inspection facility, save you from the frustration to find parking in Basseterre and save you the time you would be waiting in 2 separate lines at Inland Revenue Service to process and pay for wheel tax. Steps in this process are as follow and Cool Runnings will be taking care of Steps 2-5. Contact us now for an appointment.
Step 1: Vehicle insurance – Client ensure vehicle insurance is up to date and make original certificate available.
Step 2: Roadworthy inspection - Each registered vehicle is subject to an annual roadworthy inspection. The Roadworthy inspection and certification is a prerequisite step to renew a registered vehicle’s annual wheel tax (regulated by the Traffic Act). This roadworthy inspection fee is included in the service. Vehicle repair work needed to meet the roadworthy requirement, is not included in the service and payable by the client. Additional repair cost will be conveyed to the client for approval, before any repair work by a third party vendor commence.
Step 3: Submit vehicle insurance certificate and roadworthy certificate to the help desk at Inland Revenue Service for processing.
Step 4: Make payment for wheel tax sticker issued at Inland Revenue Service. Cost vary depending on weight of each vehicle and is approximately EC$362 or US$135 per annum. This fee is not included in the service and payable by the vehicle owner.
Step 5: Deliver original insurance certificate, roadworthy certificate and wheel tax sticker to our client.

What’s wrong with our cars?Our cars are compact ...not the big Cadillac you would like to carry all your friends aroun...

What’s wrong with our cars?
Our cars are compact ...not the big Cadillac you would like to carry all your friends around the island.
Our cars have a smaller engine ...not the Ferrari you would like to speed around the island.
Our cars “look like turtles” ...not the glamorous Mercedes-Benz you’d like to be showing-off.

What’s wrong with our service?
Our vehicles are only covered with third party insurance with an additional fee to have comprehensive insurance if you choose …we won’t force you to pay for full insurance.
We do not have a fancy air-conditioned office or show room ...we deliver the vehicle to you.
We do not have a big tow-truck for broken down vehicles …we provide you with a courtesy vehicle if needed.

What’s wrong with Cool Running’s?
We do not have a large fleet of old vehicles…ended up renting a smaller fleet of newer cars.
We do very little marketing…rely entirely on good service and a great reputation to market ourselves.
We are pretty chilled dudes ...but have to admit…the cars are way cooler than us!

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Cool Runnings Car Rental

Cool Runnings Car Rental

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General information

Q&A What does Cool Runnings mean? Peaceful Journey What is our slogan? “Peace be the journey…” What services do we render? Car rental at your convenience We bring the service to you, instead of you trying to find time for us. Let us know where and when to meetup. No waiting, no hassle. Airport pick-up & vehicle drop-off We provide a complimentary airport pick-up or vehicle drop-off service to clients booking rental vehicles prior to arrival on St. Kitts. Courtesy Vehicle & Roadside Assistance We provide roadside assistance and a courtesy a vehicle in case of a breakdown. Vehicle maintenance and repairs We take care of arrangements for all vehicle maintenance and repairs. Vehicle Insurance Rental vehicles are covered by 3 rd party insurance only. Comprehensive insurance is available if you’d like full coverage. Deposit Payable A fully refundable deposit of US$550 is required. This amount will be placed as a “Deposit hold” on Renters credit card. Local Driver’s License Requirements The SKN Government requires that all drivers must have a valid St. Kitts driver’s license or purchase a temporary one before renting. Yes! We can assist you with getting one. Accident Reporting Any and all accidents must be reported to the police immediately. Please contact us after contacting the police. Vehicle fleet We operate a fleet of compact vehicles with the emphasis on economy, reliability and comfort. Do we handle Vehicle Inspection/ Wheel tax? Yes! We have a new service that takes the hassle out of renewing your wheel tax. What is the cost for this service? A flat rate of EC$190 or US$70 is payable upon completion of steps 2-5. This includes the fee payable for the vehicle inspection certificate. How long does it take? The entire process is completed in one business day.




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